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EPA whistleblower Dr. David Lewis interviewed by Mike Adams on new “Counterthink” episode

In a new CounterThink episode, Mike Adams interviewed EPA whistleblower and author Dr. David Lewis. Lewis is credited with putting a spotlight on the reprehensible nature of biosludge and biosolids — a growing issue that could have simply been swept under the rug entirely. Biosludge is contaminating farmland, parks and playgrounds around the country — and its even more toxic than the severe water pollution of the 1970s, which spawned the EPA. Where is the so-called Environmental Protection Agency now? Well, they’re actually helping to spread polluted “soil” around the country.

As Adams contends, “What this stuff contains will absolutely blow your mind.”

What is biosludge, and what does the EPA have to do with it?

Humans produce a lot of waste. Whether its’s from what you flush down your toilet, or waste produced at an industrial level — there is no shortage of refuse that needs to be disposed of, in one way or another. Biosludge is simply treated sewage sludge, laden with bacteria, parasites and leftover industrial toxins.

As Adams explains in the video, medical waste, heavy metals, human excrement and other “goodies” are collected in what amounts to a “sludge farm,” to be processed. Sometimes even humans themselves find their way into the mix. It is at this point that all the water is removed, and nothing but the solids are left. Adams says the substance may be “semi-aqueous,” but not much water is left.

The EPA then claims these biosolids are “safe” to be used — based on fraudulent science. Dr. Lewis has been railing against the system with his own research efforts over the years.

Dr. David Lewis, author of Science For Sale, has been  at the forefront of this controversy, publishing research that shows biosludge has harmed people and testifying against the EPA in multiple lawsuits. Dr. Lewis is also a major contributor to and is reportedly being considered for a position as President Donald Trump’s Science Advisor.

In an article for Focus For Health,  Lewis explains:

The approach it [the EPA] took was to treat the sewage sludges, usually by just adding lime, and then apply them in tons-per-acre to farms, forests and school playgrounds and other public and private lands. Biosolids contain all of the ten leading groups of chemical pollutants linked to autism — at a million-times higher concentrations than they are found in water.

The Health Ranger interviews Dr. Lewis

In the latest episode of CounterThink, Mike Adams interviewed Dr. Lewis about biosludge and his research. As Dr. Lewis notes, what used to be dumped into the water is now being concentrated into a semi-solid mass, and spread on the land all around us — even at parks where children play. We’re talking human feces, industrial waste, medical waste and more — stuff no one would ever willingly expose themselves to.

Further, Lewis explains that biosludge is thousands of times more toxic due to its high concentrations of heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants, compared to when this waste was simply released into waterways. And as Mike Adams notes during the interview, biosludge is being applied to farm land — where the food we eat everyday is grown.

“It almost sounds like a weapon delivery system, Dr. Lewis. It sounds like bio-terrorism,” Adams posited in the interview.

Dr. Lewis concurred, stating, “You could not design a more perfect weapon.

Adams notes that in the U.S., we have the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, but no such protections exist for our soil — making room for biosludge to permeate the land we live on. Dr. Lewis says that the EPA’s “rank and file scientists” never bought into the biosludge hype.

He says that it was the “politically run program offices in Washington, under the first Clinton adminstration, that pushed this through.” Lewis reports that they then produced a number of studies to back up their biosludge-spreading scheme — studies Lewis describes as “totally phony.”

Watch the full video to learn more — and don’t forget to check out to get the latest news on all things biosludge.

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