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Third world status: 30 percent of Americans could soon not afford safe running water,

An assistant professor of geography from Michigan State University (MSU) has crunched the numbers and determined that, based on current demographic, socioeconomic, and other factors, more than one third of all Americans will soon be unable to pay for water out of their own taps. Elizabeth Mack, publishing her work in the open-access journal PLOS Read More

New book explains how the crooked EPA distorts science to fit political goals,

A just-released book is a must-read for everyone who has even suspected that the federal government has engaged in political chicanery for the sake of pushing a narrow agenda. As reported by The Daily Caller, the new book, “Scare Pollution,” documents how the Environmental Protection Agency has been basing its job-and-opportunity-killing air pollution regulations on Read More

New court documents reveal EPA to be Monsanto’s prostitute… one more reason to shut down the Environmental “Pollution” Agency,

A probe is currently underway to determine just how cozy the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is with world’s most evil corporation, Monsanto. And thus far, it is becoming more than apparent that the EPA functions as little more than a pimp for the biotechnology industry, routinely approving chemicals like Roundup (glyphosate) without proper safety assessments. Read More

Health Ranger announces lab testing donation to Native American communities impacted by Keystone and Dakota pipelines,

Yesterday, President Donald Trump signed executive orders to advance two oil pipelines that will transport oil across North America. Although pipelines are by far the safest form of oil transportation, sometimes they leak and cause environmental damage. To help Native American communities protect their water from the possibility of oil pipeline leaks, today I’m making Read More

EPA acknowledges deadly effects of pesticides on bees, but refuses to restrict their use,

In a disconnect of mammoth proportions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just acknowledged the threat to bee populations posed by neonicotinoid pesticides, while simultaneously reversing its position regarding a proposal to limit their use. On January 12, the EPA admitted for the first time that three commonly used neonicotinoid pesticides – clothianidin, thiamethoxam Read More

Investigations begin over EPA’s failure to regulate factory farm pollution for over a decade,

At the end of November, it was announced that the Environmental Protection Agency’s Inspector General would finally be examining the agency’s lack of regulation and failure to oversee large livestock operations. Several environmental groups are also planning on filing suit. For the last decade, factory farming endeavors have basically been given a pass when it Read More

EPA a left-leaning, anti-science rogue agency that functions as a puppet for the globalists: Shut it down,

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which was founded in 1970, is now considered a rogue agency which has outlived its purpose. A federal judge has denounced the EPA, which should be dismantled and replaced. EPA administrator Gina McCarthy was sued in 2014 by Murray Energy Corporation and its affiliates, alleging that the agency was Read More

Water crisis: Obama’s EPA to approve dramatic increase in limits on radiation exposure allowable in public drinking water,

As one of its closing acts before leaving the stage, the Obama administration plans to relax EPA guidelines regarding maximum allowable radiation levels in the nation’s drinking water, increasing them to levels thousands of times above current legal limits. A federal lawsuit filed by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) led to the release of Read More